University of Nebraska Medical Center

International Travel Requirements

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Our office will assist and advise students and faculty planning university-sponsored international trips, including how to submit travel requests and purchase travel insurance.

Effective May 23, 2022, UNMC is returning to pre-COVID-19 operations for processing international travel requests for faculty, staff and students on university-sponsored business.

Faculty and staff must submit a travel request in Concur prior to booking travel. Students should notify Education Abroad of their intent to travel.

UNMC, as a part of the University of Nebraska system, adheres to the policy outlined in Executive Memorandum No. 25 and requires prior approval for international travel to higher risk locations (as identified by the CDC and U.S. Department of State travel notices and advisories). Travelers will be notified after they submit their Concur travel request if their destination is considered higher risk and additional information is needed.

Travel Request Process

For any university-sponsored international travel, the following process takes place:

  • Faculty/staff submits their travel request in Concur. Students notify Education Abroad of their intent to travel.
  • Following supervisor and financial approvals, the Office of Global Engagement will conduct an initial risk assessment and will inform the traveler if their destination is considered higher risk.
  • Informed travelers submit an online travel petition to be reviewed by the UNMC International Travel Review Committee.
  • After review, the Office of Global Engagement will forward the petition to the Chancellor’s Office with a “recommended” or “not recommended” classification.
  • Chancellor approves or denies the petition and cleared travel will receive final approval through Concur. Students will receive an approval notification through Education Abroad.

If you have questions, email internationaltravelunmc@unmc.edu.

Travel Insurance

The University of Nebraska has established an international travel insurance policy through AIG Travel Protector Insurance. The university also has a Hawaii/Alaska medical evacuation insurance policy