University of Nebraska Medical Center

Immigration and Visa Sponsorship

Our office provides information and several services related to visa sponsorship and related topics for departments at UNMC and the University of Nebraska Omaha, as well as international students, scholars and employees. These include:
  • Preparing and filing government petitions for sponsoring employees.
  • Advising departments on maintaining legal compliance in visa/immigration sponsorship issues.
  • Advising sponsored employees, students and scholars on all visa/immigration-related issues.
  • Maintaining immigration- and visa-related forms for use by UNMC employees for incoming international students and scholars. UNMC employees may access the forms on our intranet, which requires log-in.
  • Managing compliance for the federal Student and Exchange Visitor Information System.

We provide advice and assistance with:

J-1 scholars | F-1 students | H-1b employees | Other visa categories

Assistance with Federal Tax Preparation

Each year in March, this office coordinates federal tax assistance to all J-1 research scholars, J-1 students, F-1 students, and J-2 and F-2 dependents who are nonresidents for tax purposes. Appointments for tax assistance are announced in early March.

Nonresident taxpayers are required to complete Form 8843 and 1040NR or 1040NR-EZ. These cannot be completed online.

More information and federal tax forms are available through the U.S. Internal Revenue Service

Permanent Residence for Employees

There are three common methods for employees of UNMC and the University of Nebraska Omaha to obtain permanent residence. The first two categories are employer-sponsored. The third, a national interest waiver, does not require employer sponsorship. For the two categories requiring employer sponsorship, the employer must first apply to and receive approvals from U.S. government agencies. The sponsored employee then provides a copy of the employer’s approval as supporting documentation to apply to become a permanent resident of the United States.