University of Nebraska Medical Center

Claudinne Miller, BS

Curator, Producer, & Manager
The Transmission Newsletter

Claudinne Miller

University of Nebraska Medical Center Global Center for Health Security has launched The Transmission, a curated weekly wrap-up of timely and relevant news and data focused on global health security. The newsletter is curated and produced by Claudinne Miller, a former Department of Defense intelligence analyst who has for years produced reports to top-level U.S. government leadership and international public health, academic and government leaders about past outbreaks like H5N1, H1N1, Ebola, and COVID. Claudinne has an extensive background working in emerging infectious diseases as an intelligence analyst with experience in the U.S. Intelligence Community, and the U.S. Department of Defense. 

“I’m thrilled to be a new member of the University of Nebraska Medical Center Global Health Security team. I look forward to delivering a timely and relevant collection of the most pressing news and information to public health professionals, U.S. government leadership, our foreign partners in public health and members of the informed public,” Miller said. 


The Transmission will be disseminated weekly, and will provide a carefully curated list of featured headlines, surveillance reporting and abstracts of relevant peer-reviewed research designed to update readers on the most important news related to emerging infectious diseases and global health security topics.

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