University of Nebraska Medical Center

Jemimah Wachap, MBBS, MPH

Graduate Research Assistant

Jemimah Wachap

Jemimah Wachap joined the GCHS as a graduate research assistant in August 2023. Additionally, she is an MPH student at UNMC studying Environmental and Occupational Health. A physician from Nigeria, Jemimah graduated from Jos University Teaching Hospital in 2018, then interned as a medical officer for a year. Her postings were in internal medicine and infectious diseases, where she worked closely with the infectious team on Lassa fever patients and instituted prevention and control mechanisms for hospital staff and patients. Further, she provided compulsory national youth service coup (NYSC) to local people. 

From 2021 until 2023, she served as a medical officer at Julius Berger Medical Services, a foreign-based construction company in Nigeria, where she worked on medical consultations for both foreign and local construction workers of the company. Additionally, she provided health education on the use of personal protective equipment in the workplace to avoid accidents, along with various other administrative functions under supervision of the medical director.