University of Nebraska Medical Center

Veterans' Affairs Rheumatoid Arthritis Registry

Our mission is to establish and maintain a national biologic repository and longitudinal clinical database that will serve as a resource for VA research with the long-term objective of improving the lives of U.S. veterans with rheumatoid arthritis.

The Veterans' Affairs Rheumatoid Arthritis (VARA) Registry consists of more than 15 participating sites around the country with aggregate data from over 3,000 consenting US veterans. Dr. Ted Mikuls heads this registry, which has produced more than 100 publications and more than 150 abstracts at national meetings since its conception in 2003.


US map showing VARA sites in 17 cities, as of May 2022: Seattle, Portland, Salt Lake City, Denver, Dallas, Omaha, Iowa City, St. Louis, Birmingham, Ann Arbor, Augusta, Durham, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Brooklyn and Boston.