Disability Policy & Legislation

Disability Policy & Legislation

The MMI UCEDD serves as an informational resource to state and federal policymakers through its collaboration with Nebraska Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities (NCCD), the University of Nebraska Medical Center, the state Administration for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AIDD) network, and Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD). The center routinely provides expert information to state and federal policymakers on decisions and activities impacting individuals with disabilities and their families. One area of critical activity has been the relationship between the center and the Nebraska Unicameral to provide information and testimony concerning disability issues to the Nebraska Legislature.


Nebraska Disability Legislative Update

April 30, 2022

As is the case every year, a lot happened this session in the Nebraska Legislature. There were several pieces of legislation that either directly or indirectly impacted persons with disabilities in Nebraska.

The following lists the bill, bill intent as well as the actions taken by the Senate and governor:

Some UNMC Bills of note:

For more information, visit the Nebraska Legislature website (it is easy to use) or contact Mark Smith, UCEDD Training Director: email | 402-559-5744