Modified Cars Study

Modified ride-on toy cars usage in children with mobility delays

IRB# 72-23-EP

This project will focus on identifying real-world tracking of and barriers to usage of modified ride-on toy cars in children with mobility delays. It will also investigate whether modified ride-on car usage relates to global developmental outcomes in children with mobility delays.

This project is part of the GoBabyGo! Nebraska! Program at MMI UNMC. View program information and FAQs.

Eligibility and application details

Participation details

The child will receive a modified ride on car, a toy car that may be an alternative way for children to move around and explore. Caregivers will be asked to use the car with their child over a 3-month period then share their perception about the toy car use. Each car will have a tracking system that measures how much and where the car has been used. The child will be also asked to engage in some clinical tests of development that evaluate motor, cognitive, language, problem-solving skills, motivation, learning about mobility and enjoyment.

These assessments will require 2 visits: before you receive the car and after 3 months of use. Two options will be available for participation in these 2 assessment visits: in-person or telehealth visits (via Zoom with caregiver instruction in real-time).

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