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David E. Warren
Connor Phipps

Connor Phipps

Connor is a Graduate Research Assistant in the lab. He is also in the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences and studies the intrinsic functional networks of the brain utilizing a connectomics perspective. Specifically, he is interested in analyzing the properties of the intrinsic functional networks of the brain through graph theoretical measures to better understand the interactions between functionally connected units of the brain. His research goal is to apply noninvasive neurostimulation and connectomics to remediate memory in memory-impaired populations such as those affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

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Meghan Ramirez

Meghan Ramirez

Meghan is a Graduate Research Assistant and is in the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences with a focus in neuroscience. She received her BS in psychology with minors in sociology and biological anthropology at the University of Oregon in 2020. Her previous experience includes traumatic brain injury research, sleep and wake EEG, and effects of soundscape on the autonomic nervous system. Currently, she is interested in diversifying treatment and care options for individuals experiencing memory disorders.

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Jennifer Sexton

Jennifer Sexton

Jennifer is a Graduate Research Assistant in the lab and a graduate student in psychology with a focus in neuroscience and behavior. She received her BS in neuroscience at Baylor University in 2020. Her previous experience includes research in neuropsychology & addiction and aphasia. Currently, she is interested in pediatric neuropsychology and plans to pursue a career in clinical neuropsychology in the future.

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Lily Behm

Lily Behm

Lily is a Clinical Research Associate I in the lab. After graduating from Hamilton College in 2020 with her BA in neuroscience, Lily accepted her current position as a Clinical Research Associate I here in the Warren Neuroscience Lab. Prior to joining the lab, she worked in an Attention & Perception Lab studying cross-modal priming between olfaction and vision. Lily is currently interested in researching the development of brain networks that support memory and she plans to pursue a PhD in cognitive neuroscience.

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Sasha Rai

Sasha Rai, MD

Sasha Rai is a Behavioral Neurology and Neuropsychiatry Fellow at the Department of Neurological Sciences. He received his MD at the University of Mauritius in 2005. He then completed his residency in general psychiatry at SUNY Downstate, Brooklyn, NY and a fellowship in forensic psychiatry at University of Colorado School of Medicine, Aurora, Colorado. He is currently interested in understanding the impact of cognition and neurodegenerative disorders in individuals who are incarcerated in correctional and forensic institutions.

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Lab Staff

  • Sara Craft, BS - Research Assistant (part-time)
  • Tommy Decesare, BS - Clinical Laboratory Assistant
  • Abi Heller, BS - Clinical Research Associate I
  • Anthony Rangel, BS - Clinical Laboratory Assistant

Rotating Graduate and Medical Students

  • Yasra Arif - Rotating Graduate Student
  • Marissa Banks - Rotating Graduate Student
  • Carly Faller - Rotating Medical Student
  • Abi Heller - Rotating Medical/Graduate Student
  • Ran Jing - Rotating Medical Student
  • Krista Namminga - Rotating Graduate Student
  • Katherine Odegaard - Rotating Graduate Student
  • Emme Schmidt - Rotating Medical Student
  • Barrett White - Rotating Graduate Student


  • Briar Braddock - Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Kaylie Franzluebbers - Undergraduate Volunteer Research Assistant
  • Heather Hurm - Undergraduate Volunteer Research Assistant
  • Tracy LeBlanc - Undergraduate Volunteer Research Assistant
  • Jason Newell - Undergraduate Volunteer Research Assistant
  • Danielle Pham - Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Madison Ransdell - Undergraduate Research Assistant

Student Collaborators

  • Krishna Galla, MD - Third Year Resident 
  • Jessica Greisen, BA - Volunteer Research Assistant
  • Kalyan Sajja, MD - Resident of Dr. Deepak Madhavan
  • Liam Townley, BA - Graduate Volunteer Research Assistant