Winners 2024

And the Winners Are...

Nurses tell great stories! We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2023-2024 UNMC College of Nursing Creative Writing Awards.

They were selected from entrants from all 5 campuses and all degree programs in the College of Nursing and alumnis, who wrote great stories, poems and songs and who made this such a difficult contest to judge. Many thanks as well to all our faculty and external judges who made this possible!

Congratulations to all Award winners.  All will be printed in the Creative Writing Awards Publication coming soon.

Creative Writing Student Awards

Top Awards

Emily Tanner "Marge Dancing in the Rain"
Julia Miller "Your Secret is Safe with Me"
Sierra Bryant “I Know That Voice”
Tayla Goettsche “His Cat Named Oreo”

Honorable Mention

Greta Rosno “To My Best Friend Grief”
Kirsten Hepburn “Just Hope”
Kylee Solberg “Fight Like a Princess”

Publication Award

Alyssa Ramsey “Compassionate Care – The Heart of Nursing”
Amanda Gould “Nursing Can Make You Cry”
Emma Wareham “Nursing Does That”
Ethan VanEnkevort “Nursing Did That to Me”
Gabriel Bodeman “Heartbeat”
Kaitlyn Gamble “Pivot”
Kia Scott-Sellers “The Ventilator”
Kylee Solberg “A New Day”
Lauren Longacre “Strangers”
Lisa Salisbury “Nursing Does That”

Creative Writing Alumni Awards

Top Awards

Jan Fuccillo “A Change of Heart”
Candy Lussetto “Nursing Does That”
Sharon Redding “SR- Nursing”


Honorable Mention

Rebecca Stone “Beautiful Changes”
Cindy Miller “Imposter No More”
Dawn Steinman “In August Of 1979”
Mary Martin “Nursing Does That Changes Lives Forever”
Katie Weaver “The Limit Does Not Exists”
Kay Rockwell “Nurse Kay”