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The UNMC Pediatric Critical Care Fellowship program partners with Children’s Nebraska to provide learners with an intimate yet wide-reaching fellowship experience, providing the benefits of working in a free-standing regional children’s hospital facility with the backing of a large academic, research institution.

The Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Fellowship Program's purpose is to develop conscientious and clinically proficient, not just competent, pediatric intensivists who, through customized pathways, will also be well-prepared to pursue career-augmenting endeavors in education, quality improvement, research (clinical sciences and translational), pediatric cardiac critical care and academic medicine.

This mission will be accomplished through: 

  • Being primarily clinically oriented and graduating clinically adept and procedurally proficient pediatric critical care physicians.  
  • Establishing equal scholarly activity blocks across all 3 years, which allows for earlier scholarly activity pursuit and development while simultaneously ensuring consistent clinical and procedural skills progression. 
  • Meticulous consideration of block design to optimize clinical experiential learning and dedicated time for 'traditional' didactics and scholarly activities.
  • Applying a mastery model to the SKA scheme through which each fellow will become clinically and procedurally knowledgeable, competent, and proficient during his/her 1st, 2nd and 3rd year, respectively.
  • Early introducing and mentoring of fellows through a wide variety of research (clinical sciences, translational and educational) opportunities and tailor the research curriculum to meet each fellows’ future goals and ambitions. 
  • Consistent emphasis and evaluation of professionalism, communication skills and team membership/leadership roles, which are central tenets to ensure optimal team performance and patient outcomes.
  • Mentoring each fellow in quality improvement and change leadership, from core concepts to change implementation to assessment(s).
  • Developing pediatric critical care physicians who are not only capable of critically appraising the medical literature to address specific clinical issues, but do so within the larger moral, ethical and sociocultural contexts for each patient. 
  • Encouraging fellow education as a daily, life-long habit which, although guided by faculty, must be primarily driven by each fellow's desire to improve his/her clinical care to optimize the quality, safety, and outcomes for his/her patients.
  • Sharing his/her knowledge, skills, experiences, and insights with other members of the healthcare team; this primarily includes, but is not limited to, junior fellows, residents, and medical students.

Click here to view a video on the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Children's Nebraska. 

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Conference Schedule

As a Critical Care Fellow, you will attend a wide range of educational meetings and conferences to round out your clinical experience.

A welcoming, supportive program in the Midwest

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