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The Pediatric Interest Group introduces medical students to the field of Pediatrics and Medicine-Pediatrics. The organization is designed to expand your knowledge of diverse aspects of the field of Pediatrics. Along with furthering your education, we offer numerous opportunities to serve the public and children through community-oriented projects. Some of these projects give you practical training interacting with pediatric populations!

2022-2023 Officers



Haley DeWitt


Vice President

Alicia Phillips



Rose McCoy


House Calls for Kids

Sarah Shipp


Hospital Buddies

Madison Han


Apples A Day

Kara Brown





Faculty Sponsors
Nate Goodrich, MD
Shannon Godsil, MD

Program Descriptions

House Calls for Kids
House Calls for Kids is an exciting venture in collaboration with Children’s Hospital & Medical Center. This program allows first and second year medical students to give a presentation to Head Start Programs and daycare centers. The purpose of the presentations is to familiarize children to visiting their doctor and to dispel some of their fears. This is accomplished by using dolls to demonstrate what will happen at the doctor‘s office and to let them see some of the instruments used.
Hospital Buddies
This program is designed to improve the physical and emotional health of chronically ill children at the Nebraska Medical Center. This is done by providing an additional source of support for both the child and their families. Monthly activities are arranged by the Child Life Specialists. During the visit, medical students are expected to read books, play games, do craft activities, and even accompany the patient to different procedures. This is done in a strictly supportive manner.
Apples A Day
Apples A Day is a partnership between UNMC and the Omaha Public Schools Head Start Program. It is a program designed to give hands-on experience teaching nutrition to elementary school students. The goal of Apples A Day is to help kids become comfortable with medical professionals and teach them basic nutrition skills
Pediatric Interest Group
The Pediatric Interest Group (fondly known as PIG) is a group of medical students who have an interest in the pediatric specialty and subspecialties. During monthly meetings, we explore various specialties in pediatrics, talk about current hot topics in the field, and practice different skills necessary for physical exams as well as advanced pediatric procedures. Our advisors, Dr. Goodrich and Dr. Godsil, do a great job of exposing us to the field as well as serving as resources for our questions and guidance as we develop our medical career.