COPH Strategic Planning

Welcome to the COPH Strategic Planning Website! 

The UNMC College of Public Health (COPH), building on its strong foundation as Nebraska’s first CEPH-accredited College of Public Health, has launched a collaborative strategic planning process to further distinguish ourselves as a premier public health institution.

Collaboration among faculty, staff, students and community partners helped identify four priority areas in which our College will be recognized as world leaders and support UNMC and the College’s overarching goal to make Nebraska the healthiest state. The College’s priorities outline the vision for a future that will take us to new heights and revolutionize the public health field in exciting ways.


Collaboratively and relentlessly seek new and creative solutions to the most challenging problems in public health while working to prevent them from happening in the first place.


Healthiest people & places worldwide.

COPH Strategic Priorities and Year 1 Goals

Igniting Innovation in Scholarship

  1. Created teaching/practice faculty track
  2. Developed team science collaborative to generate funding opportunities
    • Identified 1-3 interdisciplinary opportunities for center grant proposal
  3. Supported online enrollment through addition of Instructional Designer
  4. Developed criteria to meet high standards for online courses and instruction - Cidi labs Design Plus and TidyUp .
  5. Developed criteria to meet high standards for online courses and instruction plan 1 -3

Enhancing our Operational Approach and Market Position

  1. Reviewed COPH Mission, Vision, and Values
  2. Developed our marketing frames and associated messages
    • Developed COPH elevator pitches for faculty, staff, and students
    • Developed inclusive marketing materials
  3. Determined the market position of COPH in the SPH Peer Field
    • COPH units determined their market positions
  4. Implemented Digital Measures

Infusing CoPH Culture with JEDI

  1. Overall JEDI Council Update
  2. CoPH IDI - Faculty and Staff
  3. RISE Initiative

Ensuring CoPH is a Great Place to Work

  1. Developed a Mentoring Structure
  2. Created a “more informal” kudos/appreciation system for CoPH
  3. Professional Staff Development

Join Us!

Please join us and pledge your support to make Nebraska the healthiest state in the nation.

Please check this website frequently as information will be updated regularly throughout the strategic planning process.