University of Nebraska Medical Center

Joseph Carmicheal, MD, PhD

Joseph Carmicheal, MD, PhD

Joseph Carmicheal, MD, PhD, began his radiation oncology residency in 2023 at UNMC, where he also received graduate and medical degrees.


I know I will get amazing training in an institution with fantastic resources and faculty with still room to grow.

Favorite part of residency or UNMC?

The people. Everyone here – from my fellow residents to faculty to those in other departments – has been open and willing to collaboration and offering help.

Favorite things to do in Omaha?

Excellent food. This is a little foodie gem, from fine dining to casual, that not many people around the nation are aware of.

Fun fact about yourself?

I love to collect and assemble LEGO.


Medical degree: UNMC, 2022

PhD: UNMC, 2020

Bachelor's: University of Nebraska at Omaha, 2009

Internship: Broadlawns Medical Center in Des Moines, 2022-23

Research and Clinical Interests
  • Extracellular vesicles
  • Radiation sensitization
Selected Publications
  • Liu C, Carmicheal J, Baine M J, Zhang C. Radiation therapy for pineal parenchymal tumor of intermediate differentiation: A case series and literature review. J. Cent. Nerv. Syst. Dis. 2023 March. doi: 10.1177/11795735231160036.
  • Seshacharyulu P, Halder S, Nimmakayala R, Rachagani S, Chaudhary S, Atri P, Chirravuri-Venkata R, Ouellette M, Carmicheal J, Gautam S, Vengoji R, Wang S, Li S, Smith L, Talmon G, Klute K, Ly Q,Reames B, Grem J, Berim L, Padussis J, Kaur S, Kumar S, Ponnusamy M, Jain M, Lin C, Batra SK. Disruption of FDPS/Rac1 axis radiosensitizes pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma by attenuating DNA damage response and immunosuppressive signaling. EBioMedicine. 2022 Jan;75:10377.
Selected Presentations
  • Poster presentation, 2018, American Pancreatic Association National meeting: Label-free exosome characterization via surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy for the early detection of pancreatic cancer.
  • Oral presentation, 2019, Early Detection Research Network International Scientific Workshop: Combination label-free and targeted surface profiling of extracellular vesicles for the early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.