University of Nebraska Medical Center

Justin Burr, MD

Justin Burr, MD

Justin Burr, MD, started his radiation oncology residency in 2021.


It’s an excellent department through and through. I was particularly drawn to the environment. The people here take great care of patients as well as create an exceptional atmosphere for working and learning. I enjoy coming to work each day. The Buffet Cancer Center is top of the line and a great place to work.

Favorite part of residency?

I enjoy the comradery of the resident workroom. It’s a close-knit group and having the ability to bounce ideas off of one another is extremely useful. I also find the teamwork involved in Radiation Oncology refreshing, and each person in the department at UNMC has been great to work with.

Favorite things to do in Omaha?

My wife and I enjoy trying new foods and there’s a wider array of restaurants in Omaha than people realize. A lot of them are clustered in the Midtown-Old Market area, but there is good food no matter the direction. We also enjoy taking our Goldendoodle, Benjamin, on hikes at some of the local state park areas.

Fun fact about yourself or things you like to do for fun?

I’ve lost 100 pounds (I once weighed 300 pounds). I enjoy reading sci-fi/fantasy novels, anything sports (in particular college football and NBA), barbecuing for friends/family, and eating fun food.

  • Internship: Internal medicine, UNMC, 2021
  • Medical degree: UNMC, 2020
  • Bachelor's degree: Hastings (Neb.) College, 2016
Clinical and Research Interests
  • Interplay of utilizing diagnostic imaging for prognostication and therapeutic stratification, including radiomics.
  • Medical education, including the curricular changes that have taken place nationwide and at UNMC over the last few years.
Professional Memberships
  • American Society for Radiation Oncology
  • American Board of Radiology
Selected Publications
  • Baine M, Burr J, Du Q, Zhang C, Liang X, Krajewski L, Zima L, Rux G, Zhang C, Zheng D. The Potential Use of Radiomics with Pre-Radiation Therapy MR Imaging in Predicting Risk of Pseudoprogression in Glioblastoma Patients. J Imaging. 2021 Jan 28;7(2):17. doi: 10.3390/jimaging7020017. PMID: 34460616; PMCID: PMC8321255.
  • Burr, J., Beck Dallaghan, G.. The Relationship of Emotions and Burnout to Medical Students’ Academic Performance. Teaching and Learning in Medicine. 2019, May; Epub ahead of print(x): 1-8. Cited in PubMed; PMID: 31116577.
  • Leif M, Semarad N, Ganesan V, Selting K, Burr J, Svec A, Clements P, Talmon G. The Quality Of Evidence In Preclinical Medical Education Literature: A Systematic Review. Adv Med Educ Pract. 2019 Nov 1;10:925-933. doi: 10.2147/AMEP.S212858. PMID: 31802966; PMCID: PMC6830356.