University of Nebraska Medical Center

Shou Wang, PhD

Research interests

  1. Robustness analysis of radiomics features: Although radiomics holds great promise in a personalized medicine era, the scientific community must overcome the hurdle of inconsistency and irreproducibility of radiomics feature extraction and modeling before its clinical implementation. Our lab investigates the robustness of the radiomics features extracted from CT or MRI against various image reconstruction parameters, image perturbations, and intensity normalization.
  2. Multi-omics in cancer diagnosis and treatment response: medical imaging has become compelling for image-based biomarker development in the personalized medicine era owing to the rapid advances in quantitative imaging analysis. Our lab focuses on developing multi-omics-based predictive models for cancer diagnosis and quantitative assessment of radiation treatment response. Specifically, we are developing CT-based radiomics models that could distinguish between healthy individuals, pancreatic cancer patients, and patients with various precancerous conditions of pancreatic cancer. We are also investigating the treatment response following lung SBRT treatment using a combined radiomics and dosi-omics approach.

Lab members

  • Tianzhe Li, PhD
  • Chi Lin, MD, PhD
  • Kyuhak Oh, PhD
  • Ashok Bhandari, MS
  • Linda Huynh, MS
  • Jake Marasco, MS
  • Charlene Rhodd, MS

Research Funding

  • Otis-Glebe Medical Foundation (2020–2022)
  • Buffett Cancer Center Pilot Projects Program (2022–2023)