Workflow Efficiency

Workflow Efficiency Committee

The Workflow Efficiency committee is dedicated to looking at the daily workflows of faculty and staff and helping to identify ways to effectively improve routine by streamlining processes. In other words—work better, not longer.

Committee Leadership

Chair Chaeli Fortina, APRN, Transplant
Co-Chair Kimberly McLaughlin, Administrative Program Coordinator, Surgery

Committee Members

Kim Duncan, MD, Professor, Cardiothoracic Surgery
Kelly McDonald, Division Administrator, Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery
Rebecca Dugger, Office Associate II, Plastic Surgery
Toni Schlotman, GME Educational Program Coordinator, Plastic Surgery
Robyn Thorson, APP Surgical Care – Liver Transplant
Ashlee Duffy, PhD, Education, Department of Surgery
Michael Visenio, MD, House Officer, General Surgery


💚 Green Light Items Approved

💚 Streamline Compliance due dates between UNMC and NM. Work with Compliance for guidance.

November 2021 Update:

  • UNMC and NM continue to work together with legal and IT to bring annual compliance together. Unfortunately, this is not ready to be consolidated and could still be a year or two away.
  • There are reports that can be pulled by your Compliance Training Coordinator and sent out to administrative staff. We recommend having this done so you can alert your faculty and staff ahead of their due dates until the compliance is streamlined. For detailed instructions or questions please contact Courtney Frost at
💚 “Cheat sheet” for IT applications for all newly hired faculty, staff, students, etc.  Work with IT to implement (ONGOING

December 2021 Update:
  • Currently in production
💚 Virtual Campus Tour. Work with Marketing to create or see what is currently available to all. (ONGOING)

December 2021 Update:

  • Continuing work with IT and facilities to identify current materials.
  • Walking tour will not be developed at this time due to logistical and technological challenges
  • GPS based systems being explored
  • Internally looking to create a document that explores the different campus buildings
  • Identify champion(s) in each area – “Volunteer Navigators” that would be willing to serve as contacts if needed for those specific areas for wayfinding
💚 NM Internal employee transfers: Resume should be requirement. Work with HR to implement. (COMPLETE)

November 2021 Update:  

  • HR cannot require a resume from internal applicants but our team spoke to the recruiters and going forward they will request them on an individual basis. If you are a hiring manager let your recruiter know you would like all internal applicants to provide a resume and they will ask for you.  
💚 Perfectserve “Cheat sheet” what exists and what needs to be created.(ONGOING)

December 2021 Update:

  • Currently in production