University of Nebraska Medical Center

Workflow Efficiency Committee

The Workflow Efficiency committee is dedicated to looking at the daily workflows of faculty and staff and helping to identify ways to effectively improve routine by streamlining processes. In other words — work better, not longer.

Committee Leadership

  • Chair: Chaeli Fortina
  • Co-Chair: Kimberly McLaughlin

Committee Members

  • Savannah Benson
  • Kim Duncan, MD
  • Kelly McDonald
  • Rebecca Dugger
  • Toni Schlotman
  • Ashlee Duffy, PhD

Green Light Items

Virtual Campus Tour: Complete
We have identified a video that can be used, a video developed for the residency program during the pandemic.
Service Orientation Pamphlets: In Process
Stationary has been developed and departmental information has been identified. Working on incorporating this into the transplant division and then will start adding each division as we identify what is working well and what needs improved.
Contact Info: In process
Working on a database that will allow individuals to find contact information for faculty, house officers and staff. The goal is to make this interactive so when a faculty member is searched for, it will automatically pull in administrative support staff contact information (and vice versa, search for administrative support staff and see all the names of the faculty they support).
Departmental Shared Site: In process
Rudimentary site has been developed that allows department members to access their division as well as find frequently needed contact information. Conference/educational activity process has been moved from paper to electronic and is housed on the shared site.