University of Nebraska Medical Center

The Buesing Lab

Dr. Keely Buesing

Keely Buesing, MD, and her research team focus their investigations on lung pathology secondary to inhalation injury and potential novel therapeutic strategies. Dr. Buesing’s interest in the deleterious effects of isolated smoke inhalation originated from her prior experience as an emergency medical technician and firefighter, and has since expanded to include countermeasures targeted to inhalational bioterrorism agents through her work with the National Strategic Research Institute and Department of Defense contracting agencies.

Since 2014, Dr. Buesing and her team have collaborated in a multi-institution, multi-disciplinary investigation of acute lung injury and novel treatment strategies to bypass the failing pulmonary system. She has led this effort through three Department of Defense-sponsored contracts studying the efficacy of oxygen microbubbles for severe hypoxia. Utilizing body cavities such as the abdomen and intestine, the team has shown that oxygen microbubble therapy augments systemic oxygen levels independent of the lungs. Currently, oxygen microbubble therapy is poised to undergo pre-clinical safety testing in humans and eventual Phase I FDA trials.