Advanced GI MIS/Bariatric Fellowships

Program Overview:

In 2003 The University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) started an Advanced GI MIS/Bariatric Fellowship Program.  Our Fellowship program is accredited through the Fellowship Council, as of 2006.   UNMC offers 2 paid positions that are one-year in duration starting on August 1 and completing on July 31. 

This Advanced GI MIS/Bariatric Fellowship has exposure to Foregut, Bariatrics, Robotics, and Solid Organ training.  Minimally Invasive operative techniques taught include: Heller Myotomy, Nissen, Lap Gastric Bypass, Lap Sleeve, Lap Solid Organ, Lap Colon, Lap Common Bile Duct, Lap Esophagectomy, Lap Hernia Repair.  These techniques will be performed in Minimally Invasive equipped operating rooms. 

UNMC has wet, dry, and simulation labs on site where teaching and research are performed.

 Requirements to be completed during the fellowship: 


Salary is contingent upon level and experience based on graduate medical education parameters.