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Student Ambassadors
CAHP Student Ambassadors (SA) create and promote a positive image for all programs. All SAs must be sensitive to the needs, attitudes, and opinions of their audience.

Under the direction of Academic and Student Affairs, SAs will educate the public about CAHP programs and may engage in public speaking, CAHP events, press conferences, meetings, videos, and fundraising campaigns. SAs may prepare a number of materials for these events, such as speeches, presentations, fact sheets, and pamphlets. SAs will engage their fellow students in CAHP recruitment and marketing activities, recruit volunteers, and disseminate information.

CAHP Student Ambassadors Mission Statement:
The mission of the CAHP Student Ambassadors is to represent the student body of the College of Allied Health Professions by providing and promoting excellence in healthcare through interprofessional education, community service, and teamwork.

Class Officers
Class officers are elected or appointed in their respective CAHP programs each year. Information about these and other opportunities can be found in the UNMC Handbook.

Center for Health Living
The Center for Healthy Living is a multi-purpose facility that offers fitness, leisure, recreation, and wellness opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and their families.

Student Senate
The Medical Center Student Senate (MCSS) exists for the purpose of influencing University policy and promoting the interests of all students attending the Medical Center.

UNMC Ice Rink
Enjoy winter activities at the campus ice rink located between 42nd and 40th streets and Dewey and Emile streets.

Many of our students engage in the rich cultures of Omaha, volunteering in student-run clinics and community services that assist underserved populations in the city.