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Welcome to Handshake at UNMC! 

Handshake is the place for UNMC students to engage with employers and search/apply for internships, research opportunities, part/full time jobs, work study and campus employment. Handshake offers a larger national network of employers, job and internship listings, and a personalized experience for employers and students to connect. 

As of the Summer of 2022, Handshake is where all on-campus student opportunities will be posted. Whether it is a Federal Work Study position, assistantship, research opportunity, etc., Handshake is an easy way to connect students with valuable opportunities at UNMC.

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Meet a handful of students as they talk about navigating their campus to career journey.

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Work-Study Positions

Under the “Jobs” tab, you can filter listings by using the “Filter” drop-down tab and selecting “Work-Study”. In some on-campus job listings, it may list in the description that work-study can be an option. If not, you can always inquire if it may be set up as a work-study position.

Jobs on Campus

When looking in the “Jobs” tab, you can select the “On-Campus” filter.

Jobs Specific to Your Interests/Field

There are different categories you can look through related to your interests, such as the “Popular in Your Major” or “Jobs” in [Your Major]”. You can also search by interest area and keywords in the “Jobs” tab.

Internships Related to Your Studies

When looking in the “Jobs” tab, you can filter your search by “Internships” as well as typing in your major/area of study. You can also search by keyword, employer, and role.


Under the “Jobs” tab there is a tab called “Employers”. Some employers will have contact information to reach them.

Handshake at UNMC: Points of Contact


Primary Contact(s) 

Campus Leads 

Paula Kohles, pkohles@unmc.edu  
Director, Financial Aid  

Brenda Nickol, brenda.nickol@unmc.edu 
Director of Career Services, Office of the Dean, College of Public Health 

Student Success 

Tymaree Sing, tsing@unmc.edu 
Academic Success Coordinator 

Financial Aid 

Paula Kohles, pkohles@unmc.edu  
Director, Financial Aid 

College of Allied Health Professions 

Kevin Howard, kevin.howard@unmc.edu  
Recruitment & Marketing Coordinator, Enrollment Management & Student Affairs 

College of Dentistry

Michelle Sullivan, michelle.sullivan@unmc.edu
Associate for Academic & Student Affairs Office

College of Medicine 

Kari Nelson, kari.nelson@unmc.edu  
Assistant Professor, Medical Education Research Director 

College of Nursing

Ken Zeiger, kezeiger@unmc.edu 
Director, Student Services 

College of Pharmacy 

Mandi Fishler, mandi.fishler@unmc.edu 
Student Services Associate 

College of Public Health 

Brenda Nickol, brenda.nickol@unmc.edu 
Director of Career Services 

Graduate Studies

Terri Vadovski, terri.vadovski@unmc.edu
Director, Graduate Administrative Services