• Join UNMC Alumni Connections

    Join UNMC Alumni Connections

    UNMC students and alumni now have a dedicated online community, UNMC Alumni Connections, to connect for networking, mentoring, interprofessional groups, and discussion boards.

  • Financial Aid Questions? GetAnswers 24/7/365

    Financial Aid Questions? GetAnswers 24/7/365

    GetAnswers is an online library of short (60–90 seconds each) video clips that are accessible on demand, 24/7. Videos cover a wide array of topics including financial aid, financial literacy, loans, scholarships, grants, and more.

  • Need Academic Support?

    Need Academic Support?

    The Office of Academic Success is here for you. Visit the OAS page for information on the free academic resources available to UNMC students.

  • What is Student Success?

    What is Student Success?

    Our student-focused services all have one goal: To help you reach your full potential as a UNMC student. Learn more about what we do, from helping you finance your degree to supporting your overall wellness.

OUR MISSION: To foster student success by partnering with faculty and others to provide exceptional service, support, and learning opportunities for our students.

OUR VISION: To ensure that each student completes their education with the skills and competencies necessary to live a healthy life and affect positive change in their community.

OUR VALUES: We realize our mission by:

  • Collaborating
  • Helping students, faculty, and staff reach their potential
  • Being concerned with the well-being of our students, faculty, and staff
  • Encouraging respect for differences
  • Providing students and staff with real world experiences
  • Viewing leadership as a collaborative process, not a position
  • Modeling ethical decision-making
  • Celebrating our community accomplishments
  • Being kind, competent, and generally fun to be around

For a snapshot of UNMC Programs, check out our brochure.

Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds Documentation  

Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds for Students at UNMC