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Showcase your achievements with the entire world. 

An e-portfolio is a comprehensive, visually appealing overview of your professional expertise. It provides a digital platform for you to highlight your teaching experience, research projects, publications, conference presentations, grants received, awards and career development.

It can also increase your visibility beyond UNMC and lead to networking opportunities, collaborations and invitations to participate in conferences or seminars. Plus, it offers an opportunity for you to regularly reflect on your teaching philosophy and next steps in your career.

TIP: Look at the requirements for promotion and tenure before you start planning your website. That way, you'll have already gathered and organized evidence of your teaching effectiveness, research contributions and service activities according to your college's guidelines.

Example E-Portfolios

Not sure where to start? Here are some examples from UNMC to give you an idea on how to develop your own site. Email iae@unmc.edu for even more examples.

Web Hosting Services

There are several free web hosting services that have easy-to-use templates, no web design experience needed. A few common ones used include: