University of Nebraska Medical Center

Long-term Enhanced Advising & Preparation for Medical School

Graphic of a figure leaping forward with the text "LEAP PROGRAM: Long-term Enhanced Advising and Preparation for Medical School" with the UNMC logo.

The goal of the Long-term Enhanced Advising & Preparation for Medical School program is to provide tailored advice for prospective medical school applicants to help them navigate through the application process. The program aims to help college students from backgrounds that are underrepresented in medicine, such as Native American, Black, and Latin@ students, first-generation college students, students from underserved rural and urban communities who often do not have a support network and the proper guidance to help them prepare a successful application and matriculation to health professions schools, particularly in medicine.

The highlight of the program has been the quarterly virtual meetups moderated by UNMC medical students providing advice. 

With LEAP for Medical School, we want to bridge this gap, maintain contact consistently and accompany our scholars, who we consider part of our UNMC community, to their desired goal in health care.  

To participate in LEAP for Medical School, you can contact our director for pre-medical pathways, Liliana Bronner, for details on how to participate and set up an advising appointment.