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Out-of-State Student Scholarships

UNMC College of Dentistry scholarships are mission-driven scholarships that focus on fulfilling the college's mission to "continually improve the oral health of the people of Nebraska and beyond." The college's mission reflects the UNMC mission to "lead the world in transforming lives to create a healthy future for all individuals and communities through premier educational programs, innovative research and extraordinary patient care."

First-year student scholarships promote the inclusion and development of a dental workforce that reflects the people of Nebraska and beyond and encompasses all individuals and communities. Therefore, in awarding scholarships, the College of Dentistry provides a comprehensive review of a candidate's portfolio, such as experiences, skills, personal attributes, and academic metrics to create a class that will contribute to and benefit from the college's learning climate and mission. Race, sex, color, ethnicity, and national origin are excluded from the criteria.

Spirit of Resilience Scholarship (SRS)

Students awarded the SRS have faced and overcome hardships or unusual circumstances. Awarded students exhibit maturity and a spirit of determination in responding to and/or overcoming adversity and hardship. Other contextual factors that bear directly upon the applicant's selection include socioeconomic history, educational history, parental education level, and other indicators of support available or unavailable in the home, school or environment.

Non-Traditional Student Scholarship (NTSS)

The NTSS is awarded to a student who is responsible for the care of a legal dependent other than a spouse or partner or has had at least a one-year break in their formal learning experience and will now be attending dental school. Special consideration is given to a non-traditional student who has attended a community college, is or has been the primary breadwinner, veterans, and caregivers for children and/or parents or individuals for whom they have legal guardianship or responsibility.

Promoting Inclusive Communities Leadership Scholarship (PICLS)

The PICLS recognizes exemplary student accomplishments in fostering and supporting inclusive communities through extracurricular activities such as the performing arts, athletics, leadership in school or community organizations, employment, and volunteer service. This criterion is measured by time and depth of participation in leadership activities in which the student's actions, skills, or abilities help to further or enrich an inclusive climate in which people of all communities are respected and engaged in learning, service, research, teaching, work, or athletics.