Our Learning Experience




At the UNMC College of Dentistry, our students undergo a comprehensive educational journey that equips them with the knowledge, skills and values they need to provide general dental care to patients in all stages of life. 

The dental curriculum is meticulously structured to ensure a systematic progression of knowledge and skills, as evidenced by the attainment of specific competencies. These competencies encompass a wide range of complex abilities that are essential for a general dentist to begin practicing independently and without supervision.

Students develop a solid foundation in biomedical, behavioral, and clinical sciences, cognitive and psychomotor skills, and a commitment to professional ethics and values. We foster a human-centered learning environment where each dental graduate develops a profound sense of responsibility toward themselves, their community and the dental profession.

Our curriculum is designed to accommodate the unique backgrounds, interests and career aspirations of each student, allowing them to realize their full potential in their dental education journey.

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Hands-On Learning 

First Year 
Second Year 
Third Year 
Fourth Year 
  • Students spend the majority of their time serving their patients. They also complete extramural rotations where they visit established dental practices for firsthand experience in running a private practice. Students complete two three-week rotations: one rotation in a rural private practice and one rotation in a public health clinic.
  • All students have opportunities to participate in community outreach programs.