Pediatric Dentistry Residents

Current House Officers

Dr. Jordan Brozek (HOI)
Dr. Zaynab Hussam (HOI)
Dr. Bridget McKeegan (HOI)
Dr. Alexandra Thomas (HOI)

Recent Graduates

Class of 2024
Dr. Alexis Sandman
Dr. Bailey Neville
Dr. Tracy Peitz
Dr. Emily Starman

Class of 2023
Dr. Allie Koth, ABC Pediatric Dentistry, Sioux Falls, SD
Dr. Maddison McConnaughhay, UNMC College of Dentistry Faculty, NE
Dr. Kate Sumerfield, Attending, Denver Health Pediatric Dentistry Residency, CO
Dr. Andrew Wilson, Black Hills Pediatric Dentistry, Rapid City, SD
Dr. Eric Wood, Compass Health, MO

Class of 2022
Dr. Jordan Castillo, Private Practice, Dallas, TX
Dr. Molly Cawley, Charles Drew Health Center, Omaha, NE
Dr. Mary Pollmiller, Private Practice, Wexford, PA
Dr. Ryan Smith, Private Practice, Fort Lauerdale, FL 
Dr. Adam Woroniecki, Private Practice, Bismarck, ND

Class of 2021
Dr. Spencer Burton, One World Community Health, Omaha, NE
Dr. Rebecca Buss, Private Practice, Omaha, NE
Dr. Taylor Coffin, Private Practice, Scottsdale, AZ
Dr. Derek Mettenbrink, Private Practice, Missoula, MT
Dr. Laura Videtich, Private Practice, Boise, ID

Class of 2020
Dr. Adam Crell, Private Practice, Charlotte, NC
Dr. Kiley Dohm, Private Practice, Plymouth, MN
Dr. Timothy McClain, Private Practice, Shelbyville, KY
Dr. Baylee Mink, Private Practice, Lincoln, NE
Dr. Benjamin Reimer, Private Practice, Omaha, NE

Class of 2019
Dr. Christopher Johnson, DDS, Private Practice, Colorado Springs, CO
Dr. Tyler Johnson, DDS, Private Practice, Grand Forks, ND
Dr. Claire Koukol, DDS, Faculty, UNMC Pediatric Dental Residency Program, Omaha, NE
Dr. Katelyn Olenich, DDS, Private Practice, Murfreesboro, TN
Dr. Eric Phan, DDS, Private Practice, Murfreesboro, TN

Class of 2018
Dr. Trey Anderson, Private Practice, Wichita, KS
Dr. Bryce Bott, Private Practice, Provo, UT
Dr. Whitney Walker Linville, Private Practice, Lafayette, LA
Dr. Jennifer Marshall, UNMC Pediatric Dental Residency Program, Omaha, NE
Dr. Allison Wolf, Private Practice, Lincoln, NE