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Stability During Mobility: How to Select a Safe Patient Transfer 

This module serves as an introduction to the different types of patient transfers that are used by health care professions, such as nursing, physical/occupational therapy, and radiography.  By comparing transfer types, students can practice professional reasoning by selecting the safest transfer technique for patient scenarios.  

Apr 11, 2022

Linear Accelerators: How do they work?

This module is intended to teach the learner how a linear accelerator (LINAC) functions by breaking down the various components, how they work, and how they’re connected. The learner will also have an opportunity to virtually “build your own LINAC” to see how everything is connected.  

Apr 11, 2022

Radiation Detection & Measurement

This module presents four types of radiation detectors used in radiation oncology. It is intended to help radiation therapists, medical physicists and radiation oncologists understand how these detectors “see” radiation, the pros and cons of each type, and how they are used in a clinical setting.

Apr 8, 2021