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EMS Mortuary Services: Transport Operations

This module describes the critical logistical elements of the pre-transport, operational, and post-transport phases. The module will also cover proper infection control concepts, including zones of contamination, that are critical to the three phases of transport: pre-transport, operational, and post-transport.

Jul 12, 2021

EMS Mortuary Services: Ambulance Infection Control for Biocontainment Transport

This module describes the critical elements of risk assessment, preparation and planning required for a biocontainment transport of a patient with an airborne transmission illness, Ebola virus disease or another highly infectious disease. The module identifies situations when ambulance draping might be employed and discuss equipment that can be used to protect the ambulance patient […]

Jul 12, 2021

EMS Mortuary Services: Patient Isolation Units

This module describes the common components of a Patient Isolation Unit (PIU) and special considerations for their use and preparations before use of the PIU to increase response time when clinical conditions change. It also details the process of loading and unloading a patient with considerations for patient safety and comfort.

Oct 14, 2020