University of Nebraska Medical Center

Internationalization Committee

The UNMC Internationalization Committee advises the Office of Global Engagement and other UNMC units on global strategy and partnership development policy.

Globalization is the movement of people, ideas, goods, capital, services, pollution, and diseases across borders. Internationalization is higher education's engagement with globalization.

In order for the United States to have a truly world-class higher education system, colleges and universities must be globally engaged and prepare students to be citizens of a multicultural community both at home and in a globalized world.

Through involvement with the American Council on Education Internationalization Lab, UNMC is manifesting internationalization by implementing a multidimensional, comprehensive strategy that includes internationalization at home and engagement with global issues and partners.

UNMC Internationalization Committee

Committee Aims:

  • Serve as an interprofessional leadership team that ensures that UNMC works together as a campus to develop and implement an integrated internationalization strategy.
  • Provide oversight to maximize campuswide ownership of the strategic plan and implementation of the ACE Lab report recommendations.
  • Provide oversight to execute, evaluate and refine a strategy for global engagement and international partnership development.

Committee Activities:

  • Review current institutional internationalization activities.
  • Identify challenges and obstacles and define key issues.
  • Recommend internationalization goals and strategies.
  • Facilitate dialogue and promote collective thinking.
  • Build support and buy-in for the globalization process across campus.
  • Provide strategic input and policy guidance for partnership development.