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Our faculty work with patients involved in clinical trials related to pollen, allergies and immunology. Learn about our clinical trials and how you can participate through the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

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Enroll into a clinical research study now by contacting the Allergy Clinic Study Specialist!


This trial is open to patients diagnosed with severe eosinophilic phenotype asthma. The study will last 52 weeks and will compare a study drug to Nucala and Fasenra. Each patient will be randomly assigned one of the drugs and will keep an eDiary. Blood draws, urine samples and Spirometry also are required. IRB# 355-21-FB


An observational study collecting data on DUPIXENT treatment and treatment effectiveness of DUPIXENT in patients over the age of 19 with a diagnoses of Chronic Rhinosinusitis with Nasal Polyps (CRSwNP). Patients will be randomized to Dupixent or Placebo and asked to keep an eDiary and complete questionnaires at their scheduled office visit. IRB# 183-22-FB

VCD Study

Risk Factors for Vocal Cord Dysfunction Study is available to those who may have vocal cord dysfunction and are having their standard of care include an RLG scoping procedure. Subjects will be asked to complete a short questionnaire that is emailed to them. IRB# 0570-21-EP

Chronicle Study

Longitudinal Prospective Observational Study available for adult patients with severe asthma who do not achieve control with high-dose ICS therapy with additional controllers and/or require systemic corticosteroid or monoclonal antibody therapy. Patients complete monthly online surveys. IRB# 267-20-EP

Allergy Faculty Research Interests

Allergy & Immunology not only treats patients for allergies, our Faculty also dive deeper into answering research questions. Find below the research interests of each Faculty member.