Allergy and Immunology


Dr.'s Sara May, Jill Poole, Joel Van De Graaff, Andrew Rorie

The Allergy and Immunology Division of the Department of Internal Medicine engages in a broad range of patient care, research, and educational activities. The division is comprised of 4 full-time faculty and has numerous close associations with other clinical and basic science departments. The division provides state-of-the-art patient care available at several Nebraska Medicine ambulatory care clinics including at the Durham Outpatient Center (main campus), Village Pointe Medical Center, Bellevue Medical Center. The faculty see patients of all ages including children and adults. The division takes its role in education seriously and is actively engaged in the training of healthcare workers and scientists including fellows, residents, medical students, basic science investigators, and trainees of many other types. Research programs in the division are focused on clinical, environmental and agriculture-related allergic and non-allergic lung diseases. Affiliations exist with Pediatrics, Children’s Hospital and the Veterans Administration Nebraska-Iowa Health Care System.

Dr. Jill A. Poole, Dr. Sara May, Dr. Andrew Rorie, and Dr. Joel Van De Graaff provide allergy, asthma, and immunology services at Nebraska Medicine. The following services are offered:  allergy testing to environmental and food allergens, drug allergens, venom allergy, skin allergy (PATCH testing for contact dermatitis), pulmonary function testing for asthmatic disorders, vocal cord dysfunction testing and allergy immunotherapy/shot services. Food and drug allergen challenges and drug desensitization as well as expertise in cutting edge therapies for allergic disorders are available. Medical conditions seen by the team include: general allergy, nasal and eye allergies, sinus disease, asthma, food allergy, hives, angioedema (swelling), cough, vocal cord dysfunction, allergic rashes, eosinophilic esophagitis, drug allergy, penicillin allergy, venom allergy and immune deficiency disorders.