General Internal Medicine

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Comprehensive care for adult patients, with an emphasis on wellness and prevention.

The Division of General Internal Medicine includes more than 45 physicians and researchers who teach approximately 500 medical students, conduct research, and practice medicine at nine locations in the Omaha metropolitan area. These sites include the Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Nebraska Medicine Olson Center for Women's Health, Nebraska Medicine Eagle Run, Nebraska Medicine Elkhorn, and Nebraska Medicine Village Pointe.
Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the division is our distinctive approach to education. Developed by LeeRoy E. Meyer, MD, the methodology includes small group, case-based sessions that offer students an extra dose of discussion and inquiry, and simulated diagnosis.

Research studies in the division range from clinical informatics to the treatment of urinary tract infections. Residents and students have the option to work with the division's primary researchers.

Division Chief: Thomas G. Tape, MD, MACP, FRCP
Administrator: Mary Slowik

Division Mailing Address:
University of Nebraska Medical Center
Division of General Internal Medicine
986430 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-6430

Phone: 402.559.7502 
Fax: 402.559.5588