University of Nebraska Medical Center

Internal Medicine Residency

Our mission is to develop extraordinary internists who value equity and provide compassionate care.

Our guiding principles:

  • Patient-centered, evidence-based care​
  • Commitment to lifelong learning​
  • Collaborative, team-based practice​
  • Education of colleagues and students​
  • Diversity and inclusion​
  • Culture of wellness​
  • Stewardship of medical resources​
  • Generosity of time and talents
  • Promotion of health equity and patient advocacy​
  • Pursuit of scholarly advancement, quality improvement, and leadership development


Our Stats

Our residency program results display excellence and a nurturing environment.


Board pass rate, last 5 years


Specialty and primary-care clinics


Internal Medicine fellowships, all ACGME accredited

Why Choose the UNMC Internal Medicine Residency?