University of Nebraska Medical Center

Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine

Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Mentors

Kristina Bailey, MD

Career and Research Mentor
Medical School: UNMC | Residency: UNMC | Fellowship: UNMC
Career Interests: Research
Personal Interests: Spending time with kids

Dr. Kristina Bailey
Brian Boer, MD, PhD

Career Mentor
Medical School: UNMC | Residency: UNMC | Fellowship: UNMC
Career Interests: Advanced diagnostic and therapeutic bronchoscopy; Interventional pulmonary and pleural procedures; POCUS (critical care ultrasound); Thoracic malignancies; Pulmonary embolism; Helping patients and family understand and accept the dying process, especially in the ICU setting
Personal Interests: Anything outdoors (fly fishing, hunting, hiking, skiing, camping); Soccer, running, working out, anything active; Music; Travel with family; Craft beer, bourbon, delicious food; Sarcasm and sense of humor

Dr. Brian Boer
Kelly Cawcutt, MD, MS

Medical School: University of Minnesota | Residency: University of Minnesota | Fellowship: Mayo Clinic, Rochester
Career Interests: Prevention and treatment of infections in the ICU, faculty development
Personal Interests: Traveling, reading/writing, spending time with family outdoors
Dr. Cawcutt is on faculty in the infectious diseases division and is also trained in critical care medicine.

Dr. Kelly Cawcutt
Daniel Hershberger, MD

Career Mentor
Medical School: UNMC | Residency: UNMC | Fellowship: Creighton
Career Interests: Medical student and resident education and interstitial lung diseases
Personal Interests: Golf, novice arborist and donut runs with my boys

Dr. Daniel Hershberger
Craig Piquette, MD, FACP, FCCP

Career Mentor
Medical School: University of South Dakota | Residency: University of Missouri, Columbia, MO | Fellowship: St. Louis University
Career Interests: Medical education, pulmonary medicine, occupational and environmental lung disease, COPD and asthma, critical care medicine
Personal Interests: Landscape gardening, hiking, camping, wilderness travel, canoeing, reading non-fiction; Although I have not travelled extensively, I have trained in many places and open to anyone who just wants to talk

Dr. Craig Piquette
Stephen Rennard, MD

Career and Research Mentor
Medical School: Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX | Residency: Barnes Hospital, Washington University, St. Louis, Mo | Fellowship: National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD
Career Interests: Research, clinical translational medicine, COPD, smoking cessation
Personal Interests: Family; My career has been in academic medicine with a brief (5 year) stint in industry

Dr. Stephen Rennard
Debra Romberger, MD

Career & Research Mentor
Medical School: University of Kansas | Residency: University of Kansas | Fellowship: University of Kansas
Career Interests: Airways inflammation research, occupational lung disease, palliative care in ICU setting
Personal Interests: Traveling, reading

Dr. Debra Romberger
Todd Wyatt, PhD

Research Mentor
Medical School: UNC Chapel Hill | Fellowship: Vanderbilt University
Career Interests: Academia

Dr. Todd Wyatt
Heather Strah, MD

Career and Research Mentor
Medical School: University of Iowa | Residency: University of Pittsburgh Medical Center | Fellowship: Washington University in St. Louis
Career Interests: Advanced lung failure, transplant, organ donation, donation after cardiac death
Personal Interests: Gardening, baking with my children, reading; "Medical Joke Wednesday" is my favorite day of the week.

Dr. Heather Strah
Dustin Krutsinger, MD, MSCE

Career and Research Mentor
Medical School: University of Iowa | Residency: University of Iowa | Fellowship: University of Pennsylvania
Career Interests: ICU clinical trials; Surrogate Decision Making; Post-Intensive Care Syndrome- Family (PICS-F); Behavioral Economics & Nudges; Personal Finance Education for medical students, residents, fellows, and physicians
Personal Interests: Travel with family, Triathlons (Ironman), Home and outdoor theaters, Storm chasing, and Fantasy football

John T. McClain, MD

Career Mentor
Medical School: Michigan State University College of Human Medicine | Residency: UC Davis | Fellowship: UCSF-Fresno
Career Interests: Resuscitation, Point of Care Ultrasound, Difficult Airway, Biocontainment Care, Medical Education
Personal Interests: Endurance sports, running, hiking, climbing; I am active duty with the US Air Force, embedded with the PCCM division to train Air Force physicians with biocontainment care. I also work as a Critical Care Air Transport physician for the Air Force.

Dr. John T. McClain