Scottish Rite Foundation of Nebraska

Scottish Rite Foundation of Nebraska

A supporting board of the Munroe-Meyer Institute


Since their foundation, Scottish Rite Masons have served the community through philanthropy. In 1921, the Scottish Rite Welfare Association was formed to provide loans to young men and women pursuing higher education. In 1972, the Scottish Rite Foundation of Omaha was formed, consolidating various philanthropies. Today, the Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) with the mission of helping "young people to talk who could not speak, to write who are not literate and to assist them in becoming part of the community."

Improving lives with RiteCare

Since the 1970s, Nebraska’s RiteCare Clinics have offered extraordinary care to children affected by a wide range of speech and language disorders. The Scottish Rite Masons have dedicated their philanthropy to providing speech and language services to the children of Nebraska without regard for a family’s ability to pay in order to lay a strong speech and language foundation to enable children to become lifelong learners. RiteCare Clinics services are provided by MMI's compassionate clinical team of extraordinary speech-language pathologists.

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