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MMI Video Series

Family Support During COVID-19 or other Crisis

Faculty and staff from across the UNMC Munroe-Meyer Institute have partnered to provide a series of videos that offer practical tips and tools for families during this time of change and stress related to COVID-19 or other crisis.

Accessibility: Each video includes captioning -- simply click on the closed captioning (CC) button at the bottom of the video.

 Patricia K. Zemantic, PhD, BCBA-D

Planning and Keeping Reasonable Schedules

Video Link (6:21)

Patricia Zemantic, PhD, BCBA-D
Dr. Zemantic's video provides strategies for planning and keeping schedules, including practical tools to support implementing schedules at home.

Visual Resources:

 Mindy Chadwell, PhD, BCBA

Reducing Family Stress and Increasing Coping

Video Link (11:55)

Mindy Chadwell, PhD, BCBA
Dr. Chadwell provides information on typical stress responses in children and families and offers practical strategies to reduce stress and promote mental wellness.

Billie Retzlaff

Avoiding Challenging Behavior

Video Link (16:35)

Billie J. Retzlaff, PhD, BCBA-D, LMHP
Dr. Retzlaff offers tips on how to avoid problem behavior and teaches families how to respond if problem behaviors do show up.

Whitney Strong-Bak, PhD

Talking to Young Children about COVID-19

Video Link (13:23)

Whitney Strong-Bak, PhD
Dr. Strong-Bak’s video offers families strategies to explain the current public health crisis in child-friendly ways, and provides resources and information to help young kids cope.

Laura Phipps

Practical Tips for Mealtime

Video Link (4:33)

Laura Phipps, EdS, BCBA
This video provides recommendations on how to maintain practical mealtime routines at home. Hosted by Laura Phipps, Munroe-Meyer Institute iCASD Pediatric Feeding Disorders Department.

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