Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy Research

Physical therapists at the UNMC Munroe-Meyer Institute are interested in understanding movement and how movement changes your daily activities, attention and health. In our current research, we partner with families and clients to better understand how physical therapy, fitness or assistive technology helps with developing or improving motor skills in children and young adults with developmental disabilities.


START-Play is a national, multi-site study that looked at an early intervention program for sitting and reaching. The study was completed in 2020, read a summary. SIT-PT is a new, similar project that compares two physical therapy interventions for children that are between the ages of 8 and 24 months. SIT-PT is enrolling subjects.

For more information about START-PLAY, see our brochure or email Dr. Cunha.


HABIT (Hand Arm Bimanual Intensive Training) camp is a summer research program that helps children with one sided weakness use their hands and arms for daily tasks. Our program uses both real and virtual activities for intensive, two-handed or bimanual training.

For more information about HABIT, read an AUCD article or email Dr. Jamie Gehringer.

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