AAC Conference Agenda

Nebraska AAC Conference Agenda | June 11, 2021

Promoting Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in AAC

First Course

Supporting Augmentative And Alternative Communication (AAC) Use Among Low-Resource Communities

8:30-8:40 am Introduction to visual scene displays (VSDs)
8:40-9 am Implementation of low-tech VSDs
9-9:10 am Introduction to shared book reading and adapted books
9:10-9:30 am How to use adapted books to improve receptive vocabulary
9:30-9:45 am Introduction to communication partner training
9:45-10:15 am Communication partner training in low-resource contexts
10:15-10:30 am Questions

Second Course

Supporting Bilingual Communication In Children Who Communicate With AAC

11-11:30 am Bilingualism in children with complex communication needs
11:30 am-12 pm Clinician perspectives: Results of a national survey of SLPs
12 pm-12:10 pm 10 minute break
12:10-12:30 pm Cultureally and linguistically responsive assessment in AAC
12:30-12:50 pm Culturally and linguistically responsive intervention in AAC
12:50-1:10 pm Case study and discussion