University of Nebraska Medical Center

J. Jay Keegan Memorial Lectureship

2023 J. Jay Keegan Memorial Lectureship

Dr. J. Jay Keegan was a pioneer - a pioneer surgeon, researcher, teacher and administrator whose contributions were vital to the development of the field of neurosurgery and to the University of Nebraska College of Medicine. The 1915 graduate of the College established Omaha's first neurosurgery practice, studied the brain of the Plains Indian and gained national recognition for his studies of the 1918 influenza epidemic.

In 1920, after a tour of duty in World War I, Dr. Keegan returned to Omaha, where he established his new practice and joined the faculty of the College of Medicine.

He was named the Dean of the College in 1925, but his increasingly demanding practice forced him to leave that post four years later. He remained active in the College, serving as voluntary Chairman of the Department of Surgery from 1933 to 1948. He retired in 1961.

The College of Medicine inaugurated the J. Jay Keegan Memorial Lecture Series in 1981. Annually, a distinguished neurosurgeon is invited to be the guest speaker of this lecture series.

Honored Keegan Lecturers

1981 William H. Sweet, MD, DSc
1982 William Kemp Clark, MD
1983 Ross H. Miller, MD
1984 Charles B. Wilson, MD
1985 Donlin M. Long, MD, PhD
1986 Burton M. Onofrio, MD
1987 Robert F. Spetzler, MD
1988 George S. Allen, MD, PhD
1989 Takanori Fukushima, MD, DSc
1990 Harold J. Hoffman, MD
1991 John R. Little, MD
1992 Ossama Al-Mefty, MD
1993 Duke S. Samson, MD
1994 John James Oro, MD
1995 M. Peter Haliburn, MD
1996 John C. VanGilder, MD
1997 Douglas Kondziolka, MD, MSc
1998 Stephen J. Haines, MD
1999 Arthur L. Day, MD
2000 Steven L. Gionnotta, MD
2001 Mark N. Hadley, MD
2002 Issam A. Awad, MD
2003 Johnny B. Delashaw, Jr, MD
2004 Julian E. Bailes, MD
2005 Jon H. Robertson, MD
2006 Alex B. Valadka, MD
2007 Richard G. Fessler, MD, PhD
2008 Benjamin C. Warf, MD
2009 David G. Kline, MD
2010 Gary M. Bloomgarden, MD
2011 R. Michael Scott, MD
2012 Robert F. Spetzler, MD
2013 Edward C. Benzel, MD
2014 Vikram C. Prabhu, MD
2015 Bernard R. Bendok, MD
2016 Robert J. Dempsey, MD
2017 Rocco A. Armonda, MD
2018 Paul J. Camarata, MD
2019 Michael W. McDermott, MD
2022 Paul A. Gardner, MD
2023 William T. Couldwell, MD