University of Nebraska Medical Center

Behavioral Core

The Behavioral Core Facility has two EthoVision® Basic 3.1 software, equipped with Monochrome CCD Camera for EthoVision and Dell™ Dimension Desktop for EthoVision and is prepared for automatic recording of activity, movement and social interaction of animals. Providing a wide range of features for video tracking and data analysis, EthoVision allows automation of almost any behavior test. Examples include, but are not restricted to:

  • Morris Water Maze
  • Porsolt swim test
  • Radial maze and social interaction test

EthoVision provides the range of parameters and statistics necessary to analyze the animals' movements within or in relation to a defined area (e.g. latency to reach an area, distance moved, time spent in an area, number of entries in an area, speed of moving), or the animals' movements in relation to other (moving) animals (e.g. proximity between animals, approach/avoidance behavior). The analysis could be supplemented by calculating statistics for manually coded behaviors for each defined area.