University of Nebraska Medical Center

Academy of Student Pharmacists

The UNMC chapter of the American Pharmacists Association Academy of Student Pharmacists is the largest professional pharmacy student organization on campus and is one of the most recognized chapters in the country. Our chapter has over 90% student membership and has received numerous national awards.

The mission of the APhA-ASP is to be the collective voice of pharmacy students, to provide opportunities for professional growth, and to envision and actively promote the future of pharmacy. As an organization for students preparing to enter the pharmacy profession, the goals of APhA-ASP include the following:
  • State the APhA-ASP’s official position on important pharmacy issues as voted on by the APhA-ASP chapters at the APhA-ASP House of Delegates
  • Provide a united voice for all pharmacy students
  • Provide students with the support necessary to lobby local state and national political issues
  • Provide support for changes in the academic arena
Membership in APhA-ASP is an excellent opportunity for any pharmacy student. APhA-ASP membership allows you to be involved in one of the most active and award-winning chapters in the country. APhA-ASP offers networking with fellow students and future colleagues through local, regional, and national meetings.

What We Do

These are just a few highlights of our public service activities.

2023-2024 Officers

President Emerson Roberts
President-Elect Sam Schendt
Finance VP Jesica Spanel
Communication VP Shelby Butts
Membership VP Emma Alexander
Patient Care VP Cate Christopherson
Policy VP Lydia Fritsche
IPSF VP Jacob Jensen
Faculty Advisor Dr. Drew Prescott