Erin RosenbaughThe Department of Cellular and Integrative Physiology hosts the Integrative Physiology & Molecular Medicine (IPMM) Doctoral (PhD) Program.  The department also hosts an online, distance learning-only Master of Science (MS) in Medical Physiology (MEP) Program.

PhD Program - Integrative Physiology & Molecular Medicine (IPMM) Doctoral Program:
The IPMM doctoral program, one of seven programs that comprise the University of Nebraska Medical Center's (UNMC) Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences (IGPBS), consists of more than 50 faculty from 28 different colleges and departments across UNMC.  Complementary research interests and successful collaborations among IPMM faculty provide graduate students with diverse research and learning experiences that emphasize the cellular and molecular processes underscoring coordinated integration of organ systems within the body.  All new PhD students must enroll in the IGPBS and can enter IPMM directly as a "single-program" IPMM student or after completing the fall semester as a "multi-program" IGPBS student (please see IGPBS Admissions for more information on committed versus non-committed students).

MS program - Master of Science in Medical Physiology (MEP) Program:
The MEP MS program is an online, distance learning-only program that focuses on educating students in medical physiology.  Prospective MEP students must apply for admission through the UNMC Graduate Studies application website.

For additional information on the IPMM Doctoral Program or the MEP MS Program, please contact:
Erika I. Boesen, PhD
Director of the IPMM Doctoral Program

Matthew C. Zimmerman, PhD
Director of the IGPBS Doctoral Program
Director of the MEP MS Program