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MS in Medical Physiology

The Medical Physiology program is an online, distance learning-only program that focuses on educating students in medical physiology.

Why Study Medical Physiology?

The Master of Science in Medical Physiology program is an online, distance learning-only program that focuses on educating students in medical physiology. Prospective students interested in becoming educators in the field of physiology should enroll in this program, as should students with the goal of continuing their health field-related education in doctoral programs, medical school, and/or health profession programs.

The program curriculum includes coursework focused on medical physiology, cell physiology, cardiovascular pathophysiology, advanced topics in physiology, and pharmacology for the physiologist. The curriculum is enhanced by coursework in scientific writing, biostatistics, and two courses focused on the foundation and instructional design of health professions education.

The goal of this program is to provide this unique curriculum in an online, distance learning-only format to students who wish to enrich their understanding of physiology and apply their new knowledge to their chosen career path.

Why Study Medical Physiology at UNMC?

Students enrolled in the online MS in Medical Physiology program at UNMC will have the opportunity to learn from some of the best physiologists in the world. The Medical Physiology program is offered by the Department of Cellular & Integrative Physiology in the College of Medicine. Faculty in the department are world-renowned physiologists who uphold the mission of the department to excel in research, teaching, service, and mentoring. Our faculty are active educators, participating in the College of Medicine’s curriculum, as well as in teaching and mentoring of graduate students.

In addition to learning from some of the best physiologists, students enrolled in the Medical Physiology program will be introduced to teaching and learning theory in health professions education. This unique aspect of the program will not only help students better understand how they themselves learn but will also provide foundational knowledge in health professions education to students who will be educators in the future.

Program Snapshot

Course Load
Full-time or part-time
Two semesters (full-time)
Start Date

Program Highlights

Highlights of the MS in Medical Physiology program include:

  • The online, distance learning-only aspect of the MS in Medical Physiology Program allows all students, including those living in rural communities, to obtain a robust graduate-level education in medical physiology.
  • The Medical Physiology Program is designed to be completed in two consecutive semesters (approximately 9 months) by full-time students. Flexibility in the program allows part-time students, who may have full-time jobs, to complete their MS degree over five years.
  • All students will receive mentoring and guidance from a supervisory committee consisting of faculty from the Department of Cellular & Integrative Physiology, as well as an ad hoc member with expertise in the student’s planned career path.

Careers & Outcomes

The MS in Medical Physiology program is designed to meet the needs of several prospective student populations, including:

  • Students seeking undergraduate college and university adjunct teaching positions, as well as junior/community college teaching positions in physiology.
  • Students seeking to improve their competitiveness for admission into a physiology (or physiology-related) PhD program.
  • Students seeking to enhance their knowledge in physiology to improve their rank and earning potential in physiology-based, basic science and/or clinical research laboratories.
  • Students seeking to broaden and deepen their physiology knowledge base in their pursuit of medical school or health professional school admission.

Tuition and Fees

Students in the MS in Medical Physiology Program are tuition-paying students. Online tuition costs and student fees are the same for Nebraska residents and non-residents. Tuition and fee charges are subject to change each academic year.
Online Program Tuition Rates

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