University of Nebraska Medical Center

Grand Rounds 2021-22




7-14-21 Patrick D. Herron, DBe
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
The Impact of Social Media & Patient Narratives Towards Amplifying Marginalized Voices 
7-28-21 Lauren Edwards, MD
Morbidity and Mortality Conference 
8-11-21 Riley Machal, MD
Cardiometabolic Risk and Monitoring of Antipsychotic Side Effects 
8-25-21 Michelle Cardel, PhD
University of Florida 
Poverty, Inequity, and Caloric Burden – How Both Social Reality and Perception Drive Unhealthy Food Consumption and What We Can Do About It 
9-8-21 Jesse Bell, PhD
UNMC College of Public Health
Addressing Nebraska’s Challenges for Water, Climate and Health 
9-15-21 Meg Chisholm, MD Johns Hopkins University (Co-sponsored with UNMC Faculty Development) Curating the Clinical Environment: Using Visual Thinking Strategies to Activate Transformational Learning
9-22-21 Nicole Nugent, PhD
Alpert Brown Medical School
New models of stress, trauma, and resilience: Biology and social context in times of transition 
Friday Special
Ismatt Reza Niazi, MD
Adelpha Psychiatric Group and Bryan Physician Network
Afghanistan: The Trauma Continues. Perspectives from an Afghan-American Child Psychiatrist  
10-13-21 Howard Liu, MD MBA
State of the Department 
10-27-21 Anne K. Fishel, Ph.D.
Harvard Medical School
Harnessing the Power of Family Dinners to benefit Children, Adolescents, and Adults 
11-10-21 Maria Muzik, MD
University of Michigan 
Integrated mental health care models in obstetrical care:  lessons learned through  research and clinical practice 
11-17-21 Lauren Edwards, MD
Morbidity and Mortality Conference 

Timothy E. Wilens, MD
Harvard Medical School
(Co-sponsored with Dept of Pediatrics)
ADHD and Addictions: An Intoxicating Combination 
12-8-21 Miranda van Tilburg, PhD
Marshall University
Children with medically unexplained physical symptoms: What does anxiety have to do with it?
1-12-22 Shikha Jain MD
University of Illinois Chicago
It’s Not You, It’s Them: Unmasking the Real Impostor
1-26-22 Rebecca Wysoske MD
WHOLE: Wellness, How One Lives Effectively
2-9-22 Michaelyn Everhart, MD PGY-2
UNMC Psychiatry
Complex Case Conference 

Kimberly D. Manning, MD
Emory University School of Medicine
(co-hosted by the UNMC Offices of Faculty Development and Inclusion and the Departments of Internal Medicine and Psychiatry)
Human to Human: A Narrative Approach to Health Disparities in Medicine

Kimberly D. Manning, MD
Emory University School of Medicine
(co-hosted by the UNMC Offices of Faculty Development and Inclusion and the Departments of Internal Medicine and Psychiatry)
Aiming for Excellence: Recruiting for Diversity in Residency and Fellowship Programs
2-23-22 Amalia Londoño Tobón, MD
National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities
Addressing Racial Implicit Biases in Psychiatry to Best Care for our Patients
3-9-22 Bryan Carmody, MD
Eastern Virginia Medical School
The Match: Past, Present, and Future
3-30-22 Jack Turban, MD
Stanford University
Evolving Treatment Paradigms for Transgender Youth: Evidence & Controversies
4-13-22 Donna Sudak MD
Drexel University
Elevating Our Game: Enhancing Psychotherapy Supervision to Promote Expertise
4-20-22 Kimberly Clawson, MD
Georgetown University/NIH
Lies, Deception, and Invisible Illnesses" Categorizing Patients With Somatic Symptoms
4-27-22 Sonia Singh, PhD
University of Arkansas Medical Sciences
Provider and Patient Perceptions of LGBTQ+ Affirming Care in the VA: Implications for Policy Implementation
5-11-22 Lia Thomas MD
UT Southwestern
#squadgoals - Strategies to Improve Recruitment and Selection of Applicants from UiM backgrounds
5-25-22 Adam Sagot, DO
Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine
Juvenile Justice and Juvenile Rights: An Introduction to the Forensic Child Psychiatrist
6-22-22 Omar Abdul-Rahman MD,
Elizabeth Conover MS CGC,
Christopher L. Shaffer PharmD PhD
Munroe-Meyer Institute