About Us


SPAdmin’s purpose is three-fold:


SPAdmin is the official authorized signature authority of UNMC for sponsored program grants and contracts. Responsibilities include:

Assisting faculty and administrators complete external applications based on the policies and procedures of the university and sponsors
Negotiating final terms for government and non-profit grants, contracts, and subcontracts
Reviewing and approving budgets and applications to outside sponsors
Establishing accounts and set up budgets for all federal, non-profit, and for-profit awarded grants and contracts based on sponsor regulation
Processing budget revisions, no-cost extension requests, and grant transfers
Maintaining the grant and contract database and tracking pending and funded projects

Project Management

Effective sponsored project management is a collaborative effort among:

Principal investigators are responsible for leading and directing the project, intellectually and logistically.

Departmental administrators are responsible for assisting principal investigators with the completion of internal and external, paper and electronic forms.

Sponsored Programs Administration is responsible for reviewing and submitting applications, agreements, and modifications.

Sponsored Programs Accounting is responsible for preparing and submitting to sponsors financial reports and invoices.

Sponsored Programs Administration recognizes that departmental capacity and principal investigator preference for administrative tasks vary, but in general at UNMC, departmental administrators, Sponsored Programs Administration, and Sponsored Programs Accounting focus on the administrative aspects of sponsored projects so that principal investigators can focus on the programmatic aspects.