Award Close-Out

After the funded project is complete, UNMC must administratively close out the project with the sponsor and internally.

Technical Reporting

In general, a final technical report should include:

Please see your notice of award for project- and sponsor-specific requirements, due date, and submission mode.

Financial Reporting

Sponsored Programs Accounting will work with you to reconcile the SAP account and submit the final financial report to the sponsor.  In order to close the account,

UNMC typically has 90 days to submit the final financial report, covering activity since the last report and all cumulative activity.

Invention Reporting

 If any inventions were conceived or first actually reduced to practice during the project:


After a project is completed and closed out, UNMC’s reporting responsibilities continue for a period of time, including:

Record retention

UNMC must retain financial and programmatic records and supporting documents after the close of the project.  Disposition schedules vary by NU and sponsor policy and by document type.  UNMC’s Director of Business Services serves as UNMC’s records retention officer.