UNMC Policies

A partial listing of frequently referenced policies related to grants and contracts administration are described below.  A complete catalog of UNMC policies can be found on the UNMC Policies & Procedures Wiki.

Conflict of Interest  Policy #8010 UNMC identifies, manages, and if necessary, reduces potential conflicts of interest to maintain the public’s trust in UNMC’s teaching, research, patient care, and service mission.
Contracts  Policy #8009 The Board of Regents delegates the administrative authority to approve and execute certain types of university contracts.
Sponsored Project Cost Share  Policy #6104 Cost share committed on sponsored projects is to be limited to the minimum amount necessary to meet sponsors' requirements.
Sponsored Programs Costing

Policy #6100 Direct costs must be reasonable, allocable, allowable, and treated consistently in budgeting and expending.

Effort Certification Policy #6105 UNMC uses the Effort Certification Report as its method of documenting employee effort performed on sponsored projects.
Export Control Policy #8005 Export controls, set forth in regulations administered by several federal agencies, impose access, dissemination, and participation restrictions on the transfer and retransfer of "controlled" information and on the export and re-export of tangible items.
Institutional Base Salary Policy #6102 UNMC’s Institutional Base Salary (IBS) represents combined salary from UNMC and its affiliate practice plans, UNMC Physicians and Nebraska Pediatric Practice.
Outside Employment Policy #1049 UNMC employees may be employed by other external organizations, provided such activities do not interfere with their regular duties at UNMC or create a conflict of interest.
SBIR & STTR Program Participation Policy #3002 UNMC encourages the commercialization of applied research by faculty and staff and supports collaboration between its entrepreneurial researchers and outside companies.
Service Centers Policy #6107 Service centers can result in charges to sponsored projects.  Billing rates should be designed to recover the direct operating costs of providing the goods/services on an annual basis, excluding all unallowable costs.
Subrecipient Policy #6108 When UNMC subcontracts part of an award to another organization, UNMC remains fully responsible to the sponsor for the entire award.
Cost Transfer Policy #6106 Although it is preferable to charge costs to the correct account when they are incurred, cost transfers may occasionally be necessary and must be properly documented and processed within a reasonable time.