University of Nebraska Medical Center

Collaborators, Trainees & Alumni


Iraklis Pipinos, MD
Vascular Surgeon-Scientist
Professor, UNMC Department of Surgery
Mitochondrial dysfunction in chronically ischemic skeletal muscle, open versus endovascular repair for abdominal aortic aneurysms, carotid stenting, walking impairment in claudication.

Anastasia Desyatova, PhD
Mechanical Engineer
Assistant Professor, UNO Department of Biomechanics
Design of materials for improved strength, fatigue life and fracture toughness; multiscale material characterization; cell remodeling; computational vascular biomechanics; durability of trauma stent-grafts.

Robert Bowen, MD
Forensic Pathologist
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Practice, UNL Forensic Science Program
Forensic pathology, cytopathology, clinical pathology and anatomical pathology.

Kaspars Maleckis, PhD
Biomedical Engineer
Assistant Professor, UNO Department of Biomechanics
Development of nanostructured biomaterials and biomimetic vascular graft materials; Characterization of cardiovascular materials and endovascular devices; Electrospinning of biological and synthetic polymer nanofibers; Mechanical and structural characterization of individual nanofibers.

Majid Jadidi, PhD
Biomedical Engineer
Assistant Professor, UNO Department of Biomechanics
Vascular mechanics.

Live On Nebraska
Live On Nebraska, previously Nebraska Organ Recovery System, is a federally designated organ procurement organization for Nebraska and Pottawattamie County in Iowa. They are a not-for-profit agency responsible for the evaluation, recovery, preservation, coordination, and distribution of all solid organs, as well as bone, tendon, heart valves, and connective tissue for transplantation.

Research Associates

Jennifer Gamache, MD
Post-doctoral Research Associate, UNMC Department of Surgery
Biodynamic characterization of human arteries; tissue engineering; cell and tissue viability; lab management


  • Courtney Keiser, 2018-2022, Synthetic vascular prosthesis
  • Eric Anttila, 2015-2021, Comparative analysis of stents under limb flexion induced loadings in human femoropopliteal arteries
  • Majid Jadidi Miandashti, 2016-2020, Vascular mechanics
  • Thomas Kalil, 2017-2018, Vascular device testing and data acquisition/processing
  • Andreas Seas, 2014-2018, Computational characterization of arterial tissue; data analysis and reduction algorithms; image analysis and quantification algorithms
  • William Poulson, MD, 2015-2017, Assessment of limb flexion-induced deformations; development of a perfused cadaver model; mechanical testing of arteries; vascular and endovascular devices and techniques
  • Nick Phillips, 2012-2015, Mechanical testing of arteries; assessment of femoropopliteal artery deformations; morphometry characterization
  • Grant Bowen, 2014-2015, Mechanical testing of arteries and data analysis; histological analysis; measurements of arterial retractions
  • Sheridan Nusz, 2014-2015, Mechanical testing of arteries and data analysis; manufacturing of arterial markers; morphometry analysis; lab supply management; histological analysis; 3D image reconstructions
  • Austin Reilly, 2015, Morphometry characterization
  • Peter Adamson, 2015, Histopathology characterization
  • Joseph Marion, 2015, Morphometric characterization of long-term trauma stent-graft effects
  • Patrick Kirkland, 2015, Morphometric characterization of long-term trauma stent-graft effects
  • Nick Bohlim, 2015, Mechanical characterization of atherosclerotic plaques
  • Maheen Akhter, 2015, Physical model of the femoropopliteal artery
  • Katherine Thorson, 2015, Morphometry characterization
  • Micah Adamson, 2013-2014, Morphometry characterization
  • Tom Knowles, 2013-2014, Morphometry characterization
  • Jamil Neme, 2013-2014, Morphometry characterization
  • Justin Kitson, 2013-2014, Mechanical testing of arteries; histological analysis; laboratory management