University of Nebraska Medical Center

Frequently Asked Questions

How many positions are available each year?
Currently we are approved for six categorical spots.

Do you accept international graduates?
Yes. We welcome international graduates, provided they meet our criteria.

How many international graduates do you currently have in your program?
The number varies. Currently we have nine international medical graduates in our program.

Will you sponsor an H1 visa?
Due to the restrictions involved with an H1 visa, we prefer to sponsor J1; however, we will consider H1 visas on an individual basis.

Do I need to be ECFMG-certified at the time of application?
No, but you need to be eligible for ECFMG certification by successful completion of USMLE 1, 2 and clinical skills when you submit your application.

What should I expect upon submitting my application?
Upon selecting applicants for interview, an invitation to interview is extended through the program coordinator via ERAS. You will typically have your choice of four dates; however, towards the end of the interview season, some dates may become unavailable. Applicants will receive communication regardless of the decision to interview.

How many interviews will you offer?
The number has not yet been determined, but we typically interview 15 applicants per available spot.

What is the salary?
UNMC is competitive with other programs. You can review our current salary and benefits information.

What is the operative experience of the residents?
Our residents always exceed the minimum number of surgical cases to successfully complete ACGME requirements. Review past case log numbers.

For additional questions please email our program coordinator.