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Teaching Online

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While many aspects of in-person teaching carry over to an online format, there are differences.

Online teaching is not one size fits all. There are different techniques for asynchronous teaching (where students access coursework anytime and anywhere) and synchronous teaching (where students gather online together at a set time). In remote teaching, teachers deliver a course that is usually in person using asynchronous (i.e. recorded lectures) OR synchronous (i.e. real-time classes in the web conferencing applications).

Here is a curated list of valuable resources to help you get started or enhance your online teaching.

Synchronous Teaching

In synchronous online learning, students access and engage with learning materials at the same time. This can be in a classroom setting or online at a set time on Zoom, Teams or another web based conferencing platform.

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Check out the UNMC E-Gallery, which has a wide variety of e-modules created by fellow UNMC faculty members that are free to use in your courses.